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Year Language Geographical Focus Project Reference Key Words
1 Their voice matters: Addressing child, early and forced marriage English Geetanjali Misra2016
2 The Game Changers English Shivani Kagti2014
3 CREA: Taking a Stand Against Sexual Violence English Anuradha Chatterji2013
4 Justice is not a Spectator Sports - Reflections on One Billion Rising for Justice English Rupsa Mallik2014
5 Films of Desire/Bodies of Desire English Geetanjali Misra2015
6 Notes on Body and Sexuality from the Abortion Discourse English Surabhi Srivastava, and Kristin Francoeur2015
7 The Conundrum of Choice: Marriage, Family and Choice English Pooja Badrinath2015
8 SRI hosts Human Rights Council Event on the ‘Criminalization of sexuality and reproduction’ English SRI2014
9 Voices: Many Facets of Consent English Pooja Badrinath2014
10 Global gag rule' jeopardises future of Asia health initiatives, campaigners say English Michael Safi, and Kate Hodal2017
11 Activists see red over abolitionist plan on sex work English Yogesh Pawar2017
12 A question of human rights English Suchitra Dalvie, Sundari Ravindran, Subha Sri B., Renu Khanna, Jashodhara Dasgupta, Sana Contractor, Rupsa Mallik, Padma Deosthali, Sarojini N., Deepa V.2016
13 Sex workers come together English Bindu Shajan Perappadan2017
14 Mythbuster Monday Biology English Trip Eggert2017
15 Should Prostitution Be a Crime? English Emily Bazelon2016
16 Right to Pleasure: Amber Hollibaugh Pleasure Quote English Trip Eggert2017
17 Right to Pleasure: Shanoor Forbes Quote English Trip Eggert2017
18 Right to Pleasure: Twanna Hines Masturbation Quote English Trip Eggert2017
19 The juxtaposition of disability and gender rights English Namita Bhandare2017
20 Willing and able English Supriya Nair2012

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